Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Tips for Posing as a Bride

OK friends, here are some tips for my beautiful brides...

I've learned a lot over the years of photographing weddings...especially that not everyone is super comfortable in front of the camera (I know I'm not). As a bride myself only 2 years ago I remember thinking to myself "so this is what it feels like" and not so sure I liked it. But my photographer was great and as a photographer I know how important it is that I make my brides feel comfortable and beautiful while working my little butt off. But there are some tricks your can keep in mind that will help you help your photographer create the best wedding photos possible. 

1. Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Try to be a relaxed and natural as you can. Remember that the more tense you feel the more that is going to come across in the photographs. Sometimes I tell little kids (and some adults) to make a sad face for a few seconds and then smile. It usually loosens them up and relaxes the muscles in the face. If you need a moment to change your facial express go ahead. Something other then  smile might make for a good photo anyway, and at the very least it will give you a break from constantly smiling, which I'm sure we all know, can look really painful if sustained for long periods of time. 

2. Be in the Moment

Enjoy your time with your new husband. Laugh, tickle, whisper sweet nothings (or dirty jokes). Don't feel like you have to constantly look at the camera and smile. Embrace your emotions and encourage your man to do the same. Cry, rest on his shoulder, take in the views. Hold hands and kiss. All those make for wonderful, natural moments and get photos. Remember it is all about the two of you and your commitment to each other. Think about the words you said (or are going to say) to each other at the ceremony and really digest the experience. The emotions will show on your faces and will be real.

3. Stand up Straight and Turtle Neck-It

Roll your shoulders down and back. Tighten your core and straight your spine. I also recommend for my brides to do what they call in the fashion industry- the turtle neck. You jut your chin out to extend your neck and then bring your chin down. This helps avoid the double chin issue. It is especially good for the grooms who tend to hunch their shoulders and push their chins back into their neck.

4. Hands- Hold Something or Each Other

Hands always seem to be an issue for bride and grooms. If you aren'y comfortable placing them somewhere they can feel awkward and in the way. I like to use props. It gives lift to a simple scene and gives my couple something to do with their hands. Another way to solve the hand issue to to hold on to each other. Touching your loved one not only relaxes the hand and gives it something to do but it relaxes the entire body. Hold hands, touch his hair or back of the neck, grab his checks with both of your hands...anything. 

5. Chose the Right Photographer

You are going to spend the most time with your photographer out of everyone else at your wedding. Find something you feel comfortable with. Meet them in person before you hire them to make sure your personalities are compatible and that everyone feels good about each other. Meet with them several times before your wedding day to really get to know them and they you. I feel more like a close friend by the time I am photographing my couple. Don't be afraid to ask questions and stay in touch after you have booked them and before the big day. You have to love them as much as you love their photographs. 

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Portrait Special

Capture the beauty of your family and children and save big $ with the Holiday Bazaar Portrait Special. A 15-30 minute session and a digital CD of all your images printable up to 5x7 for only $100. This special will only be valid on December 7th during the Crested Butte Community School's Holiday Bazaar from 9am-4pm. Call Me to book your slot- 914.548.8078. Great opportunity to get professional photographs for your Holiday Cards and Gifts!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My New Favorite Landscape Photo

It was a beautiful, fall morning when I photographed this landscape. The snow had just fell the day before and the clouds parted in the early morn. This mountain is one of my have to drive by it in or out of Crested Butte. I always enjoy the reflection in the marsh and river and I was particularly moved by the colors in the tall grasses this morning. It was an interesting fall for colors...they really never got brilliant or red and there were a lot of green while some where already falling, but this mountain side looked perfect to me.

I photographed this in HDR, something I have been experimenting with for the last year or so. Sometimes they look so overdone, and sometimes I love that. But I think this one really came out perfectly.

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